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Somnus Beds are made right here in Yorkshire Since 1840

Somnus Beds are made right here in Yorkshire Since 1840

We are proud to be a retailer of Somnus Beds who have their own farm down the road from our showroom.  Its very important to support local businesses and the beds in our showroom all start from their farm in North Yorkshire.  Nature is one of the most important contributors to a Somnus bed and they have gone to great lengths to find the right materials to create a perfectly natural night’s sleep. Most of their resources are grown or locally sourced.  The inside of the Somnus bed is made from the wool and fleece of their own sheep raised right here in Yorkshire.  In addition to this, they grow the flax and hemp crops which are layered into the mattresses. It is a sustainable approach that guarantees their blend of upholstery is always 100% natural, ensuring supreme breathability and temperature control.

The fact that these materials are able to be produced and processed less than 20 miles from the company’s factory, reinforces the commitment Somnus have to the environment.

At Somnus, the craftsmen aren’t just bed experts, they are sleep specialists who use their traditional craftsmanship skills to create a superior level of comfort in every Somnus bed.  The Somnus sleep team only select the finest natural materials and carefully layer into each bed to ensure supreme comfort for the most healthy sleeping environment possible, maintaining perfect temperature control all night.  Every bed is handmade and in store have created unique wool blends from specific sheep breeds to create superior wool fillings. These fillings are blended with the very best natural upholstery to work in total harmony with Sensa Intelligent Pocket springs to offer the ultimate model choices for individual needs and sleep luxury.

The attention to detail is second to none. From the fine workmanship and skilful hand side-stitching involved in creating their high-end mattresses, to the latest in pocket spring technology, every part of a Somnus bed is made by them.

Hand crafted Somnus Beds

All Somnus beds are awarded a unique certificate of excellence. It is a guarantee of unrivalled quality, one that can only be awarded once it has passed a rigorous series of tests. The Somnus Promise is that your bed has been hand-crafted with the greatest care, using the finest natural materials and the latest technological innovations.

All Somnus beds are guaranteed for 7 years. In the unlikely event of a defect with the construction of the materials, they will endeavour to repair or replace it free of charge at their discretion. Please remember, its normal for the generous layers of natural upholstery to settle over time.

Download the Somnus Care Guide

Somnus Beds – Innovative Sleep Systems

Established in 1840, Somnus has over 175 years’ experience creating luxury handmade beds and mattresses that are at the forefront of technological innovation.  Somnus’ Pocket sprung beds are some of the most innovative sleep systems you’ll find. Each one is upholstered with the finest natural fillings and features unique intelligent pocket springs.

Whether you prefer a traditional model from the Supreme Range or a no turn mattress from the Zenith Collection, which features unique tuft technology, you can be sure that with a Somnus bed you will experience a superior level of sleep.

At the top of the range Somnus blend the finest Egyptian cotton and the highest quality locally produced wool for breathability, together with hand-teased horsehair to channel away moisture and maintain a healthy, fresh, well-ventilated bed. Ultimately, Somnus include the most luxurious fillings of silk, mohair and cashmere, renowned for their purity, softness and feel.

Superior Springs
Introducing Sensa Intelligent pocket springs, the latest piece of innovation at the heart of our beds. This innovative technology ensures you always maintain the perfect sleeping posture

Create Your Own Sleep Sanctuary


Contemporary and traditional headboard designs. All available in a full-depth continental and some in classic strutted options.

Select your ideal colour, shade and texture from any of the luxury fabric options to complement your headboard and base.
All mattresses offer two levels of support: regular and firmer, with a firm ortho tension available on selected models.  Each mattress is finished with between two and five rows of side stitched borders. This secures the mattress border giving full edge-to-edge support.
Luxury Link Option
Luxury-Link-150x150With Luxury Link, the mattress is separated into two halves and zipped together which offers individual sleeping support and easier maintenance.

Actipro™ Probiotic Finish
This is a natural solution for combatting allergens in textiles. It provides anti-dustmite and anti-allergen protection and it’s environmentally friendly.
Ventilators & Handles
Nickel-plated ventilators are fitted to all the mattresses to enhance air circulation, while handles are flag stitched for extra strength and to aid mattress turning.
Select your choice of soft-close drawer configuration within the deep divan base.
The Edgeguard Base System
EdgeGuard is a technically advanced boxspring system developed by Somnus to work in harmony with the mattress, providing edge-to-edge support.
Traditional Deep Base Option
Caster-150x150This traditional style of divan base is fitted with smooth running brushed-metal castors and may be selected with any of the storage drawer configurations available.



Divanstead on Legs
Foot-150x150Choose this base for a more contemporary look. Stylish coordinated solid wooden legs fitted as standard.