Natural Duvets by The Fine Bedding Company

Having a duvet that’s the right weight for you is one of the key steps for getting a better night’s sleep.  Many people are mistaken when they think that a duvet’s tog is a measure of its weight when actually your duvet’s tog rating is a measurement of the amount of warmth it provides. A higher tog number will therefore provide a warmer duvet.

You could have a heavyweight duvet with a low tog, or a lightweight duvet with a high tog, so ensuring that you select the right tog rating is just as important as choosing the right duvet weight.

Lightweight Duvets Heavier Weight Duvets
A light weight duvet will feel soft and snuggly, with no weight bearing down on your body, for a ‘cloud-like’ feeling when you’re drifting off to sleep. Heavyweight duvets give you a secure, wrapped up feeling as you drift off to sleep. If you like the comforting weight of your duvet to encase you in bed, a heavier weight duvet containing Duck Feather and Down is ideal and can often be a great choice for winter.
If you prefer a natural duvet filling, opt for a Goose Down Duvet which is extremely light and an excellent natural thermal insulator. Natural fillings usually make the best heavy duvets, particularly those with a higher percentage of feathers.


“Over the years, we have invested millions into cutting-edge, market first technology to ensure that every single product is made to perfection. We know it’s the little details that make the difference, that’s why everything from our raw fibres and fabrics, through to stitching techniques and binding goes through rigorous testing before we bring the end product to you.” The Fine Bedding Company

Here at The Carriage most of our stock come from reputable sustainable companies and like many of our other suppliers, The Fine Bedding Company use sustainably-sourced materials for all their products. There products have been rated and recommended by The Independent, Period Homes & Interiors, The Express, Prima, London Evening Standard and House Beautiful.

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