Hilary Devey Diamond Luxe

All Hilary Devey mattresses, divan sets, headboards & bedsteads come with a full 5-year guarantee.

The Hilary Devey Diamond Luxe mattress is beautifully hand crafted with MidasTouch pocketed springs, Wooltec technology and upholstered with natural luxurious fillings for added comfort.

MidasTouch pocket springs provide a special combination of responsiveness, comfort and support to various body weights and shapes.  The springs provide initial softness to touch but then become firmer as the body weight is increased.  The wire technology allows self confirming innersprings to support your body which will generate a luxurious and supportive feel.  Each spring is encased in an individual fabric pocket, actively reducing partner disturbance and roll-together.

Wooltec is an innovative new method of blending and bonding lambswool fibres which give greater natural temperature control as well as increased durability and comfort.  Only the finest lambswool is used for its extreme comfort and elasticity. The filling is hypo-allergenic and will resist mould and dust mites.

The mattress has two rows of traditional hand-side stitching to secure the outer springs to the border at the top and bottom, preventing roll-out.  Side-stitching is carried out by senior upholsterers using traditional long needles and twine to make borders and edges stronger. The effects on the mattress are quite dramatic preventing the springs from distorting and extending the sleeping area right up to the edge of the bed to make the borders and edges stronger.

This mattress contains natural traditional mattress fillings, which provide a comfortable supportive layer on top of the spring system.

A layer of cashmere is added to the mattress to provide levels of exquisite comfort. Cashmere is historically regarded as the softest natural hair and an excellent temperature regulator.

Finest silk fibres are blended into a durable insulation layer inside the mattress, providing a sumptuous and supportive feel.  Silk is known for its luxuriously soft yet very strong qualities thus making it excellent for temperature regulation.

A natural cotton layer with responsive properties that complements the spring unit is added to the mattress to help provide a comfortable feel and enhances breathability, it is supremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and excellent at wicking moisture away.

89% Viscose, 11% Polypropylene

100% Viscose

89% Viscose, 11% Polypropylene

  • 90x190cm Standard Single (3ft x 6ft 3)
  • 135x190cm Standard Double (4ft 6 x 6ft 3)
  • 150x200cm Standard Kingsize (5ft x 6ft 6)
  • 180x200cm Standard Super Kingsize (6ft x 6ft 6)
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