MiBed – The Elite Base

The back-lit remote lets you adjust your Elite bed base to your preferred angle in the dark with ease, or if you prefer you can choose to utilise the memory motor and adjust the bed to your stored position with just the press of one button.
The MiBed® Elite base features a bolt on massage unit with a back-lit RF remote that includes under-bed lighting as standard.

Radio frequency connection
Memory feature so that your MiBed® moves into your preferred pre-set position at the touch of a button
Inbuilt facility to control your MiBed®
Pulse/Wave/Constant options depending on your preferred massage style
The remote also includes a torch

These chrome castors offer a stylish finish to your MiBed® Elite base while also providing a greater level of support to the bed base when compared to the more common, plastic alternatives.
While the tension sliders allow you to adjust the level of support provided to the lumbar region, the upgraded slats on the new Elite base offer increased ventilation which will ultimately keep your mattress fresher for longer.
The underbed light on your Elite base lets you navigate in and out of bed more safely during night and is easily controlled by the touch of a button on the back-lit remote.
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Upgrade your base to an Elite base for sublime levels of comfort.