Why Wool? Interesting Facts on Why Natural is Best

The latest blog post by Somnus www.somnus.co.uk/wool-9-facts-natural-best is all about Wool which coincides nicely with the upcoming National Wool Week, 7th – 22nd October.

The Campaign for Wool began in 2010 when HRH The Prince of Wales wanted to raise awareness about the unique, natural, renewable benefits of using wool.  Wool is one of the natural luxurious fillings used in a Somnus mattress because it offers so many benefits to the sleeper. Regulating body temperature because of its breathable fibres means it keeps you warm in winter and cool in Summer. It’s recyclable and biodegradable, so good for the environment. Its great for allergy and hayfever sufferers, because wool traps invisible air pollutants and dust particles making it a natural air purifier. Other 100% natural fillings used are mohair, silk, cashmere, hemp and flax. All these fillings together create the perfect natural sleeping environment.

There are 600 sheep on the Somnus Farm – a mixture of Suffolk, Texel, Zwartble and the rare Wensledyale. They are reared and cared for in return for their fleeces to be used in the production of a Somnus mattress. Other wool is sourced from British flocks to cut down the carbon emission of transporting wool from abroad. For people who care about the environment they can be rest assured that every Somnus bed has been created with a minimal environmental impact and low carbon footprint.

Somnus Regent


We are the only retailer in Yorkshire to showcase so many Somnus Beds and Mattresses, with an impressive 16 available for customers to try in our 3000 sq foot showroom in Burley in Wharfedale, just outside Ilkley, West Yorkshire.


Not Shown: The Somnus Majestic, Regal, Excelsior and  Avant Garde which are on display in the showroom.
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